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Patasys brings Technology and Gaming to one place, from Retro Gaming Consoles to Useful Tech Accessories. Technology has always been seen as either too hard or too challenging, but at Patasys we provide you with tech that will make your life easier and provide you a better gaming experience, gaming accessories and also some tech love. We are a Tech & Gaming store with an environmental impact, for every item sold on our website we collect trash from our beaches +10% of our profits go to global reforestation projects! 
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In the past 25 years, over 65592401 kilograms of trash has been collected from beaches world-wide from Alaska to New Zealand. We've set an aggressive goal to clean 500 beaches by 2025. Our vision is that every beach cleaned, is an eco-system protected. We stop sea animals from mistaking the trash for food. An example is the sea turtle that when seeing a plastic bag, often mistakes it for a jellyfish. This then prevents the turtle from eating which slowly starves the turtle to death. We strive for a cleaner tomorrow that will benefit our generations to come. Working together with those who share our vision, we believe there is no good reason why this cannot be realized.

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Dear Customer, if you wish to pay with Credit/Debit Card at checkout, please choose PayPal and choose guest checkout, we know that not everyone has a PayPal account.

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