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The Ultimate Guide to Pokémon Go

As some of you may know Pokémon Go is still popular even after its release in July 2016. The augmented reality game lets the Player go out in the real world and catch Pokémon. The game itself is continuously updated with new Pokémon’s, challenges and raids and it’s only fair that you the Player know the tips and tricks to the game. Whether you are new to the game or experienced you might find some of these helpful and take your game to the next level.


We have been playing this game when it first came out but we stopped at one point, We restarted playing 2 weeks ago and every day after the new updates and features are amazing. Pokemon Go is perfect for any pokemon enthusiasts looking to get the feeling of being a pokemon trainer. The gameplay features the exact feel of a pokemon trainer going out to search for pokemon.


Location Location Location

So you have just started playing Pokemon Go and you want to fill up that Pokedex. Lucky for you pokemon will start to appear around you as soon as you enter the game. There is also a feature that lets you see 9 pokemon near pokestops around you called the ‘Nearby’ menu. Although sometimes you'll see the same pokemon twice the menu will give you an idea of where you need to go next. The menu also has a raid section that shows you all the nearby raids but we will dive into that later. The ‘Nearby’ menu is the only way to way to see what's around you.


You might have noticed that depending on what your surroundings look like in real life you will catch pokemon related to it, for example, if you're near a lake you might see more water pokemon or grass type pokemon in a park. This means that if you're searching for a pokemon and you know what type it is, think about which real-life setting where you can find it in. So, don’t expect to catch a water type pokemon when you are in a grassy area or a rock type in a wetland.


In this list you can find all the confirmed Pokémon Spawn locations:

  • Water type > Canal, Dock, Harbors, Lake, Ocean, Beach, River, Riverbank, Stream, Wetland, Ports, Reservoir, Basin, Ponds
  • Fire type > Residential, Cities, Neighborhoods, Dry/Arid Climate, Warmer Climate, Beach, Parks
  • Grass type > Parks, Farmland, Forest, Hiking Trails, Gardens, Golf Courses, Woodland, Grassy Areas, Meadow, Nature Reserve
  • Electric type > University, College Campus, Industrial Parks, Residential, School, Railways, Commercial (Shopping Districts)
  • Rock type > Quarries, Farmland, Parking lots, Parking Buildings, Cities, Hiking trails, Nature Reserve
  • Psychic > Residential (Night Time), Hospitals, Grassy Areas
  • Bug type > Parks, Farmland, Forest, Garden, Golf Course, Woodland, Grassy Area, Meadow, Nature Reserve
  • Ground type > Parks, Farmland, Woodland, Quarry, Parking lots, Parking Building, Hiking Trail
  • Poison type > Wetlands, Marches, Lakes, Industrial Areas
  • Normal type > Residential Areas, Universities, College Campus, Parking Lots
  • Dragon type > Golf Course, Landmarks, Place of Interest
  • Fairy type > Golf Course, Churches, Landmarks, Place of Interest
  • Fighting type > Gyms, Sports Centers, Stadiums, Recreation Area
  • Ghost type > Churches, Residential Areas (Slightly higher spawn rate during Nighttime/Afternoon/Early Morning)
  • Ice type > Bodies of Water, Ski Resorts, Glacier, Grassy Area
  • Dark type > Still to be determined


Although you can catch legendary Pokémon’s in the wild, the chance of running into one is extremely low as Niantic cycles out those legendries and they only appear in selected continents. Another great way to catch legendary is doing the research tasks, both field (after you have collected 7 stamps) and some of the specials. We caught three legendary Pokémon’s so far with just the research within two weeks.

The raid battles are also another good way to catch them, but more on the raids later.


Spin those Pokestops

The little blue pillars you see all around the map are called ‘Pokestops’. They are usually a local landmark or place of interest like a Church, Bar, Fountain, and tourist spots. You can also add your own Pokestop when you reach level 40 but don’t try to make you house a poke stop, it won’t work. As soon as you are within in range of a poke stop, it will give you a bit of info about it, it will also have a nice picture of the landmark but most importantly it gives you loot. Those loots typically consist of revives, potions, special items and most importantly pokeballs. 

The higher up you level up, those rewards will vary as you unlock better potions and more. But one of the best things about pokestop is that they drop ‘Field Research’ task that you can do to receive better rewards like a mystery pokemon that just shows up after completing it, it may also give you gifts that you can send to your friends on your friends list that shows them all the amazing places you’ve been.


Battle in Raids

Battling in raids is a great way to get strong Pokémon and legendary Pokémons. Raids has 5 tier with one being the weakest and five being the elusive legendary pokemon. These pokemon are called raid bosses and they can be up to 10 times as powerful as regular creatures and most of the time will require a team to take down. This is a great way for you to find local pokemon players. The raid itself allows up to 20 Players per raid group and if you didn’t get to join the group don’t worry you can join the next group or if you think you can take it down, go at it alone. To battle in a raid, you need a raid pass, you get a free raid pass every day that can only be used once by spinning a gyms pokestop, alternatively, you can buy a raid pass in the shop and it will last for the whole day once used.


A raid only takes place at a gym in Pokémon go. You will know that a raid is going to start when you see an egg appear on it, there will be a one-hour countdown until it starts and a 45-minute countdown until it ends. Once you start it there will be a time limit to defeat it. The color of the egg will determine the level of the pokemon but there will also be an indication above the egg


  • Tier 1 or 2 – Pink Egg, can be completed alone
  • Tier 3 or 4 – Yellow Egg, requires a group of at least 2-4 Player, depending on player level
  • Tier 5 – Legendary, requires a large group of at least 4-8 Players, depending on player level.

Legendary pokemon are always cycled out so make sure to team up to take them down and add then to your Pokedex.

Once you defeat the raid boss you will receive a certain amount of pokeballs depending on which team controls the gym and which team contributed the most. Defeating the raid boss is not a guarantee that you will get the pokemon as you still have to catch it.


Pokemon Storage

Are you keeping that 1-star Ekans because it’s the only one you have? Don’t!

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing that new pokemon but have no space to store it. Believe me, I've been there and if you are like me you have reached those points where you have run out of storage space and had to leave that new pokemon behind. So, we came up with a rule, “If it is a 1 star Pokemon and we are not planning on evolving it, trading it or even using it, TRANSFER it.” That simple little rule will save you a lot of storage space and you will get rid of all those unneeded pokemon so that you may keep catching more pokemon.

Personally I have only 2-3 star pokemon and going through that list and seeing those pokemon makes you feel way better.


Poke coins

The rare in-game currency known as PokeCoins can only be received by defending a gym for more than 8 hours and your pokemon getting knocked out. There is however a daily limit as to how much you can receive per day, which is 50. With the PokeCoins you can buy extremely useful things like more pokemon storage and more item storage, they both cost 200 PokeCoins and only increases your storage by 50. You can also buy other useful items like super incubators, magnetic lures, mossy lures, glacial lure and more, now if you care about the way you Player look you can also buy new clothes. But if you don’t want to wait to get 50 coins per day you can always buy it in the game.


We hope that we have given you some helpful tips here and be sure to subscribe to get more tips and tricks about Pokemon Go.

Go catch em all

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