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My Home

Hi, My name is Christian and I'm gonna talk about my home.

As a kid who grew up on a tropical island, I spent most of my days at the beach. I lived 2 minutes away from it maybe less. The name of my home island is Mahe in the beautiful Seychelles archipelago.

To say your home is paradise on earth, people would say that that is what everybody calls their home, but not for me. It was always the people who came from abroad who would call my home "Paradise" for me I never saw it. Maybe it's because I grew up there and I got used to the sight of everything they see beautiful. But anyways my favorite thing to do in my "paradise" home was fishing and snorkeling. I used to do it every day with my best friend as a kid and I fell in love with the sea and everything in it. My dad always told me stories about how the bay looked before and how many fish and different types of fish there used to have here and my love for the sea kept growing. We didn't even have to go far to enjoy the sight of beautiful fish, corals, shells, and reefs. It was a sight, I loved it so much that I begged my dad for an aquarium so that I could bring that sight to my home.  At one point my dad got so annoyed that he set out to find one, lucky for him he saw an old man putting his aquarium near his bin and honestly I would say that in his head he was saying "finally, he would stop begging for it and it is free". So that day after school I came home to the sight of an aquarium being washed. I tossed everything on my bed and ran straight outside and my dad said: "You have a new aquarium now". I was so excited that I asked him to let me clean it and asked to go buy filters and air pumps on the same day.

(Freshwater Aquarium, don't have a pic of the first one)

So I have a new aquarium, a brand new filter, and an air pump. Now came the challenge of getting fish in there. Me and my cousin went to get some fish on the weekend at a rock called "salted fish rock", it was one of the fish nurseries we used to have in our bay. We went there and we caught some batfish, a lot of milkfish, one stone fish and we were done. The task itself took the whole day. I was with that aquarium all day every day for 2 weeks until I felt bad about removing them from their home and released them back to where I found them.

A few years pass and school took all the time I had. At 20 years old I decided to go back to the beach. As you may have noticed there is a lot of "used to" in this and it is not me just writing in past-tense. When I went back to that very beach I grew up loving and spent most of my time at. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was heartbroken at the sight of the vast emptiness in the bay, the bay I grew up loving and spending my whole life in was dead. No fish, no corals, no shells and it was just quiet and empty. I was devastated, that I cried. The nurseries were all gone and all that remain was just dead corals and empty shells. The Anse Boileau Bay in Seychelles was completely dead. 

You go back to the stories you used to hear from your parents, your grandparents and you look at the bay now you would never believe a word of it. And it's not just the bay that's empty, it's the nearby marshes that feed into it all gone and this is not an exaggeration, its all GONE.

Tourist come to Seychelles and they call Seychelles a Paradise, but I would call Seychelles a Paradise a few years back. I love my home and I love the sea and everything in it, it's sad for me to see the impact global warming has on the sea, the impact plastic has on the eco-system and I witnessed that first hand, it's happening and it's not a joke. I want to save my home, the place that I love so much. But I can't do that if people keep destroying it. This is not happening to just Seychelles this is everywhere. Ask your parents and grandparents how the sea or the bay or the River used looked like when they were a kid and compare it to now, and see if they had the same experience as me. It's never too late to save our seas but we can't do that if we just sit back and relax. According to the documentary "Blue Planet II"  in the next 100 years, if we continue down the path we are going now, there would be no more reefs, that is an eco-system gone.

This is the story of what happened to my home and why I'm trying to protect it and hopefully, the bays, marshes, and rivers can recover and make a comeback.


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