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2 beaches down, 498 to go

Recently I came to Scotland with my girlfriend (who is from Germany) and I fell in love with this country's landscape. Scotland is by far is the most natural-looking country I have ever been to. It looks amazing and the Scottish people are just so welcoming and friendly. It's one of my favorite countries so far.


So we came to Scotland with a goal, well two goals. My girlfriend is studying Marine Science at Uni and me well my goal is the same goal she has, to save our seas and to protect them. Recently we launched this store as a means to help us help the seas and if you are asking why tech; the reason is that that's the thing that I specialized in. I have a diploma in Computing and IT and I dropped out of the BSc course in Computer Science because it's not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


Our goal is to clean 500 beaches by 2025 and we know we can achieve this goal with the help of our customers. It works like this; for every single product sold we collect a bucket of trash and we did just that a couple of days ago when we got our first sale. We headed out to the nearest beach. At first, I was expecting it to be exhausting and challenging but when we got there, the sight of the beautiful landscape was all the motivation I needed.


Within the first five minutes, we had already collected a lot of trash. We got a few looks here and there but we didn't mind it. We came to the beach with a goal and we were going to complete it. I'm not saying we didn't get any encouragement from passers-by, we did. One lady asked us what we were doing and after explaining what we were up to, she replied that it's very sad to see what's happening to our beaches. With that in mind, I carried on telling myself that we can help.


We also had an audience on our side, the ducks and seagulls who calls this beach their home. They were very curious-some of them were even posing for our camera.


After we had finished cleaning the first beach our bucket wasn't full yet, so we set off to a second beach which was only 3 minutes away. When we got there we were greeted with the beautiful sunset on the horizon. I just stood there admiring the sight until I heard my gf shouting "Christian, don't just stand around and come help me".


A long 2 hours later we were done. Honestly, the feeling of accomplishment you get after doing something good for the environment made the whole struggle worth it.


You can join us too if you live near Oban and want to help us reach our goal. 2 beaches down, 498 to go.

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